PPP Government has Neglected Region 10, Chairman Deron Adams says

Region Ten Chairman Darren Adams has been vocal about the neglect and lack of developmental projects in Region Ten by the current government. According to Adams, this negligence has persisted over the past four years, resulting in a stagnation of progress and development that the region desperately needs.

Darren Adams emphasizes that the government has failed to initiate or complete any transformational capital projects in Region Ten. He challenged government officials, asking, “I dare any of the officials in the government side, and I pose the question to them, to list one transformational capital project that this government has executed or initiated or conceptualized during its tenure for the people of Region 10 and you will have none.” He further pointed out that the only ongoing projects were started under the previous administration.

One key area of neglect cited by Adams is the refusal to pursue a robust agricultural program in Region Ten. “We would have started a 300 million road from Millie’s side out at Linden to the Berbice River so farmers can begin to bring out their produce,” Adams stated. He described visiting the area and seeing countless agricultural products like watermelon, peppers, and eddoes spoiling due to the halted project. This road, initiated under the former David Granger administration, remains unfinished, leaving farmers at a loss.

Adams also pointed out the inadequacies in other developmental efforts, like the malfunctioning processing plant in the Watooka area. “Another processing plant that they claim they built at the Watooka area, they placed two household blenders in the facility so nobody can use it,” he explained, highlighting the gross inefficiencies.

Additionally, Adams criticized the government’s handling of the Linden Enterprise Network, an entity holding 300 million dollars but rendered ineffective due to the lack of a reconstituted board of directors. Adams accused the government of discrimination against Linden. He underscored how despite proclamations of available funds, the community has received minimal support, particularly during disasters. “Don’t come and tell the people of Linden that you’re going to just get them a bottle of bleach and a black bucket with a black bag with a soap out inside and expect them to stay quiet,” Adams said, referencing inadequate disaster relief efforts.

The Chairman was speaking aa a recent People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) press conference, bringing to the forefront the hardships faced by Region 10, noting how the communities are being overlooked by the central government. With overarching issues from a lack of infrastructure to ineffective spending, the call to action remains for the government to address these inequalities and ensure that Region 10 receives the necessary developmental focus it needs to flourish. The Regional Chairman continues to demand attention and action, urging for real changes to be brought about in in the region.