There’s been fewer blackouts over the last three months -Prime Minister Mark Phillips

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The government, in its 2024 projection for the energy sector, says that 99% of the population would have reliable electricity.

Guyana’s Prime Minister, Mark Phillips, who has responsibility for the Energy Sector told the National Assembly on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, that blackouts have become less and less frequent over the last three months due to the intervention of the Guyana government.

In addition, the Prime Minister told the House that over “30,000 new household PV systems” in “Hinterland, Riverine, and other remote areas of Guyana” allow Guyanese to enjoy electricity.

The Prime Minister was quizzed by former Minister of Infrastructure (now Public Works) David Patterson on who are the 1% who will remain without power, but would only say, “We are addressing the gaps, and every day the picture is getting clearer.”

In its program performance statement, the Government of Guyana says that 92% of Guyanese have reliable electricity. The Prime Minister said the figure is according to the 2012 National Census. “The fact remains: when you turn on your switch today, you get electricity. There’s been a reduction in power outages in Guyana over the last three months, so the electricity is getting more reliable.”

The Prime Minister said that in the medium term, the government has increased reserves, and in the long term, “things will get better”.