‘Many PPP government projects behind schedule, billions of dollars being mismanaged’ – MP Ganesh Mahipaul

MP Ganesh Mahipaul
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– NDIA must provide answers and be held accountable

Guyana’s Parliamentary Opposition’s Member of Parliament (MP) and a member of Parliament’s Public Account Committee (PAC) Ganesh Mahipaul is concerned that the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) is managing billions of dollars in a haphazard manner and he is adamant its CEO Dave Hicks must provide answers.

In a letter to the press, MP Mahipaul stated, “On July 8, 2022, a substantial contract of $544,890,203 was awarded to Adamantium Holdings for the Construction of a Pump Station at Charity, Region 2. The stipulated completion date for this project was July 8, 2023. Presently, only 10% of the work has been completed. Such an outcome not only raises eyebrows but also necessitates a thorough examination of taxpayer resources.”

Additionally, Mahipaul noted that it is the same company, Adamantium Holdings, that is responsible for the Charity Pump Station. The MP contends it was also “granted the contract for the rehabilitation of the Pump Station at Cozier, Region 2, valued at $261,080,869. The slated completion date was April 16, 2023, yet only 45% of the work has been executed.”

Since it entered the halls of power again and helms the government, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has been accused of doling out contracts to ‘friends, family, and favorites’, most, if not all of whom, have no capacity to execute such projects.

In his missive, Mahipaul says, “The contract awarded to Civcon Engineering Contractors for the Construction of Pump Station at A-Line Sluice, West Bank Demerara, was worth a substantial $717,095,940, with a completion date of June 12, 2023. Presently, a mere 8% of the project is finalized, despite 25% of the contract sum having been disbursed. This raises serious concerns regarding the efficient utilization of public finances.”

Mahipaul says “Equally disconcerting is the situation with the contract granted to Well Built Construction Service for the Construction of Pump Station at Canal No. 1 Sluice (Southern Side). Valued at $650,074,684, the project was expected to be completed by May 31, 2023, yet only 25% of the work is done, and 30% of the contract sum has already been expended.”

The MP also highlights that the Construction of Pump Station at Cottage on the West Coast of Berbice, assigned to VALs Construction with a budget of $903,371,020, was slated for completion on December 1, 2022. “As it stands, only 44% of the project is finalized. Such inefficiency is unacceptable when it comes to the prudent use of taxpayer resources.”

“The Construction of Pump Station at Black Bush Polder to Irrigate Black Bush Frontlands, awarded to Yunaz Civil & Building Construction for a substantial sum of $978,715,000, had an expected completion date of April 23, 2023. However, only 14% of the work is completed, with 20% of the contract sum already disbursed.”

The Member of Parliament states that taxpayer funds must be managed responsibly and efficiently, and these incomplete projects warrant thorough investigation and corrective action. “The public’s trust and the prudent use of their hard-earned money are at stake, and we will continue to fulfill our oversight responsibilities diligently. The NDIA must provide answers and be held accountable for this level of incompetence,” according to Mahipaul.