US affirms support for Guyana on border dispute with Venezuela

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The United States said on September 20, 2023, that it supports Guyana’s sovereignty, one day after Venezuela began saber rattling with its neighbour. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian Nichols called on Venezuela to respect international law.

The United States Embassy here in Georgetown, Guyana, shared the statement posted via social media platform “X” formerly Twitter, on its Facebook Page that it supports Guyana as it calls on Venezuela to respect International Law.

The Venezuelan Government in a statement released via social media a day ago, stated that the Government of Guyana does not have sovereign rights over the maritime areas where certain oil blocks to be auctioned are located and that any action within their limits is a violation of International Law as long as it is not carried out through an agreement with Venezuela.

Venezuela’s statement came following the announcement by Guyana that it has received bids for eight of its oil blocks in the offshore Stabroek Block. Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali told the United Nations (UN) today: “I regret to inform you that Venezuela’s threats continue. Just last night, Guyana received a very threatening message from Venezuela.” President Irfaan Ali was addressing the 78th UN General Assembly.

“Guyana considers this a threat to regional and international peace and security, as well as to Guyana’s investment partners. We demand that Venezuela honors its obligation under the Charter to pursue only peaceful means to settle any disputes it may have with Guyana,” Ali told the Assembly.