Putrid and pungent ammonia emanating from newly built Providence Police Station 

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Attention must be given to the extremely unhygienic conditions prevailing at the newly constructed Providence Police Station, according to sources close to officers at the East Bank Demerara Station.

Credible Sources was informed that the environs that officers, detainees, and visitors dwell in pose a serious health hazard to the general public it serves. One source said, “As soon you enter the compound and building there is a strong stench emanating from the lockups and toilets.”

Another person explained, “There is absolutely no running water in or outside of the building when they requested to use the toilets for public convenience, adding that the toilet bowls are always clogged with fecal matter among other unsightly particles. Sources close to officers attached to the station said ranks are unable to function under the conditions and are always outside or not available when the public tries to make contact for assistance.

Officers who complained were told that they will soon “get accustomed to’ the present conditions and that the Government took the contractor to court for failure to equip the building with water supply.” In addition, the garbage bins at the main driveway always overflowing with rotting, smelly waste materials, according to persons with knowledge of the situation.

Urgent attention is needed at the Providence Police Station. it is  hoped that  the relevant authorities take swift action.