Mentore tipped as next Mayor of Georgetown

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Several sources close to the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) say that after a process of internal vetting the incumbent Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore is tipped as the next Chief Citizen and Mayor of Georgetown as Local Government Elections wraps up.

Our publication has been informed that Mentor ran as both a First Past The Post candidate and also as a Proportional Representation (PR) candidate. Mentore lost to People’s Progressive Party’s newcomer Alphonso De Armas in Georgetown’s Constituency Four when votes were tallied in the first instance. Constituency Four encompasses Lamaha Gardens, Newtown, Campbellville, Section K Campbellville and Bel Air Park.

Additionally, our publication has been informed that veteran politician and Councillor Oscar Clarke is being looked at as the Deputy Mayor choice but that there was no certainty that Clarke would ultimately prevail in that position. Those discussions are still ongoing.