Linden Enterprise Network board still to be appointed, two years later

The Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) since its board was dissolved after the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was installed into off has not had a reconstituted board, hence the organization is not functioning fully as it was intended.

One of the objectives of LEN is financing the establishment of businesses. Since its inception, it has provided funding for construction, logging, and even vending. The state-funded entity also provides financial and business advisory services.

During the recently concluded consideration of the estimates of expenditures of Budget 2023 Member of Parliament, Hon. Juretha Fernandes quizzed the Senior Minister with Responsibility for Finance within the Office of the President Dr. Ashni Singh.

Dr. Singh sought to provide the same answer he provided during last year’s budget exercise. Singh stated that the matter of the appointment of LEN board “is engaging, active and urgent consideration” of the administration.

MP Fernandes reminded Dr. Singh that last year, “When I questioned if there’s a timeline in place, the honor of minister said, ‘I believe the word I used earlier was forthwith’. Dr. Singh said notwithstanding the non-appointment of the board, “We continue to have the management structure in place. There is a staff still and they continue to provide support to clients”. He stated again that the issue was “engaging consideration”.