‘20% of Bamia school completed 12 months later, 7 months left on contract’ – Patterson

St8ment Investment Inc. insisted it had the capacity for Bamia/Amelia’s Ward Primary School and larger contracts when many doubted the move of the company’s principals from the entertainment industry into construction. With seven months left for the contract to be complete the school, the company appears to have abandoned the project.

Former Minister of Infrastructure and Member of Parliament David Patterson stated on his Facebook page recently, “During the examination of the estimates, the PPP and their supporters made light of the issues raised, preferring to comment on the oversight by a Regional MP as to the actual time that elapsed, as opposed to responding when will this project be completed.”

MP Patterson stated that on November 8, 2021, the $346m contract was awarded to St8ment Investment Inc for the construction of Bamia/Amelia’s Ward Primary School, the company having been incorporated in March of 2021 and its principals are Rawle Ferguson and Kerwin Bollers of Hits and Jams Entertainment along with Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major and Kashif Muhammed of the Kashif and Shanghai football tournament.

“The contract is for 20 months, which means that the project should be completed in July 2023, to date almost fifty (50%) percent of the contract sum has been paid to the contractor,” Patterson stated, “No more than twenty (20%) percent (being generous) of the project has been completed with less than seven months remaining.”

Patterson says he is convinced that “GT is not a real place, where a company whose only previous experience was hosting pageants and football tournaments can be awarded a multi-million building contract – and the PPP supporters simply see this as a meme-worthy issue.”