Chimezie Charged: State House attacker carried before the court

After weeks of an information blackout on accused State House attacker Bethel Chimezie, the mysterious 25-year-old made an appearance before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court today being carried by security personnel as a result of a broken leg.

Bethel Chimezie is charged with attempted murder and discharging a loaded firearm among other offenses and remanded to prison. It still remains unclear what exactly Chimezie’s motive was when he launched an attack on Presidential Guards at State House, Guyana’s President’s official residence.

Chimezie stabbed one Guard Teon Perreira several times and disarmed another before he was shot, subdued, and hospitalized. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government has been tight-lipped about anything they may have learned during the interrogation of the assailant.

Additionally, until now, Chimezie’s wife was prevented from meeting with him. President of the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) Mike McCormack it is reported, said that is was not acceptable keeping the Nigerian national incommunicado.