Residents of Victory Valley grateful for enhancement work; concerned about quality

-over 70% of all contracts go to people outside of the region

The Government of Guyana is currently executing an enhancement project in Victory Valley, Linden, Region 10. As a part of the project, the administration is constructing a series of small bridges and narrow walkways which are supposed to allow residents to egress and ingress; giving improved mobility to Lindeners accessing the area. When Credible Sources visited the area several workmen were onsite executing the project. Chairman of the Region 10 Democratic Council Deron Adams said that persons have been reaching out to the RDC and his presence on the ground was a result of the call of his constituents who have raised a number of concerns.

Chairman Adams stated, “I would’ve indicated to the residents that in May of 2021, during our Community Awareness Program, we visited Victory Valley. And the work that you see being executed here was from the direct representation that was made by the Councilors, the Members of Parliament, yours truly being on the ground.” The Chairman remarked during our interview that “Residents are now concerned that the walkways that are being done have no proper drainage to channel the water through, and residents are now being affected. Flooding is occurring in many of the yards here.” “Where you see that hill, that incline – water comes down and the fear is that there is no curb wall to channel the water into the main drain. And that can pose a problem if not addressed very quickly. We’ve seen what happened recently at Poker Street there where there was a mudslide a few weeks back.

We were asking, and we are making the representation for an assessment to be done by engineers, for them to come and of course, bring relief to the folks here in Victory Valley. As I said, we made a representation for these works to be done since 2021. Like many other projects of course we don’t get a response 90% of the time when we write,” the Regional Chairman stated. The Chairman stated that while the Region was happy about the project, however, they are concerned about the integrity of the work that is being done. “If there’s no proper drainage, this that is being built here will likely fail. So we are asking that the resources that more resources, be provided for the people of Victory Valley and the other communities across Region 1,” he said.

The Regional Chairman told our publication, “Residents complain of the need for the drudging of the mouth of the Kara Kara Creek, and several other capital projects, critical outfalls, this was submitted in 2021 and we have not seen any traction or resources being given to the Kara Kara folks.” “As we prepare to head into yet another rainy season, come next year, we can anticipate that flooding will likely be a problem here in Victory Valley like it would be in Kwakwani and Kara Kara and all the other areas. So we ask that the engineers come on the ground, that a drainage plan be put in place so that the integrity of the work that is being executed here can be preserved in years to come,” Chairman Adams stated.