GECOM to undertake field exercise to determine demarcation of constituency boundaries

– to review its work plan and timelines for the holding of LGE

The Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Nigel Dharamlall arrogated authority to himself that he did not possess, the Elections Commission recently determined when he sought to change the boundaries in several constituencies ahead of impending Local Government Elections (LGE).

The Elections Commission met on Sunday and deliberated again on the issue and will be pursuing its mandate to demarcate constituency boundaries. The Chairman of GECOM Justice Claudette Singh in a “ruling” has decided that GECOM will undertake a field exercise at the level of the offices in the local government areas, including the involvement of the parties’ assistant chief scrutineers.

According to GECOM Commissioner Vincent Alexander, “GECOM will determine the demarcation of constituency boundaries in those local government areas which have been extended or contracted by virtue of Order 39 of 2022.” The Commissioner told our publication, that, “As a consequence, GECOM has to review its work plan and timelines for the holding of LGE taking into consideration the proposed exercise that should commence soonest and be concluded approximately two weeks after commencement.”