‘There should be no fear of AFC losing nine parliamentary seats’ – Ramjattan

Leader of the Alliance For Change, Member of Parliament Khemraj Ramjattan says when his party went into the General and Regional Elections of 2020 it entered with a list called APNU+AFC, and based on the arrangements it won nine parliamentary seats. “The Cummingsburg Accord had a certain tenure, we could have bought it to an end within five years or three to five years.” He says the three years ending in December.

Ramjattan was at the time speaking on our affiliate program, In The Ring, and stated, “We are now coming out as a result of the provisions of the Cummingsburg Accord itself. I don’t see why the PPP and the ‘chatteraties’ criticizing us, indicating that we are gonna lose our nine seats. I don’t see that ever happening. And I don’t see anybody in the PNC or even the representative of the list doing that.”

“It’ll strike me as stunning and as totally out, very out of the stretched imagination really. But of course, you can get Ramsammy (Dr. Leslie) and all of them writing all kinds of things. And of course, the ‘chatteraties ‘ are wrong. We are not in any way declaring that we are against the APNU+AFC list and hence the need for a recall of our nine parliamentarians.”

Ramjattan says the AFC is going to work at the parliamentary level with APNU parliamentarians for purposes of ensuring that we bring out all these nastiness like this Charrandas, and like that company that is now building the Gas to Shore facility, a 10 million US dollar company doing a billion dollars project. “We will collectively, at the parliamentary level, bring out all of these things and so, there should be no fear in my opinion, as to our AFC nine parliamentary seats.”