Democrats hold the line in US Senate, as Katie Hobbs turns Arizona blue

After months of pundits predicting a Republican surge in US politics, with both the Senate and House of Representatives predicted to be taken by landslides, the Red Wave has failed to make much of a splash.

The race is so close in fact that control of neither the Senate or the House has been decided as yet. With the Senate likely coming down to a run-off election in the state of Georgia.

The biggest loser of the midterms is team Trump, with most of the candidates he endorsed losing their elections. This result will significantly impact hopes for a Trump 2024 campaign.

Inflation and fears of a recession were expected to be the deciding factors, but the issue most impacting the results so far has been abortion rights. The deeply unpopular supreme court decision to overturn Roe v Wade is still fresh in the minds of many voters, as well.

Yahoo News reports that democrat Katie Hobbs “has narrowly defeated Republican Kari Lake to become the next governor of Arizona, the Associated Press projected, ensuring that one of America’s most prominent 2020 election deniers will not oversee the 2024 vote in the pivotal swing state”, such has been the turn of events in the US mid-term elections.

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