Allegations against Charrandas Persaud “of sexual abusive words not substantiated” -PPP regime

An expletive-riddled tirade in the vilest manner was captured on video involving Guyana’s High Commissioner to India Charrandas Persaud. Persaud’s vote was instrumental in bringing down the last democratically elected government, he was then a Member of Parliament of the ‘A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change’ (APNU+AFC). His subsequent appointment to the India post is widely seen as payback for the deciding “yes” vote, to a Motion of No Confidence in the then APNU+AFC administration.

The crude, cussing High Commissioner video went viral on social media recently. A statement on the vicious verbal attack from the enforcement agency in India which dealt with the issue indicates the victim, an Associate Professor in the Department of English, CVS, Delhi University, related to the Station House Officer, Vasant Kunj South, New Delhi, that she regularly feeds street dogs in the area where Guyana’s High Commissioner lives.

The statement said, “On the evening of 1st August 2021, the undersigned was out to feed the stray dogs along with her driver and 02 helpers as per routine and that on the said Road the undersigned regularly feeds a dog owned by the gardener of the harasser (Persaud).

The woman had enquired at the residence from security about the whereabouts of the dog and was in the process of leaving when Persaud allegedly verbally attacked her. “The moment the undersigned exited the premises from the gate, she heard someone behind her shouting, “Fuck You” “Bitch” “Fuck off”. The undersigned was startled by the sudden abuses”.

The video reveals a series of undiplomatic, vile, and reprehensible utterances by High Commissioner Persaud. In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it said that the matter was “fully investigated” and “allegations of sexual abusive words to the complainant has [sic] not been substantiated” and as such the ministry considers the matter closed.

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