PPP “will steal over $1.2 billion from the gas to shore project” -David Patterson

In a social media post, former Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, has expressed concern about the ever-skyrocketing cost of the gas-to-shore project.

The gas-to-shore project, which seeks to provide Guyanese with low-cost energy, was first proposed by the APNU+AFC government with an estimated cost of $900 million USD.

However, since the People Progressive Party (PPP) was installed, several changes were made to the project, which has resulted in a cost increase of over 120%.

The motivation behind these changes is unclear, but it has resulted in a $1.1 billion USD increase in the bill to Guyanese taxpayers.

MP Patterson asserts that the bill is a result of incompetence and corruption. “They have no clue how to provide stable electricity to the country and will steal over US$1.2B from the gas-to-shore project,” he stated.

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