‘I was gun-butted’, says woman assaulted by PPP’s Ossie Rogers

Varsha Bharrat, the women who a Bath Supermarket camera captured being brutally assaulted by People Progressive Party (PPP) activist Ossie Rogers, alleges he also hit her in her head with a gun.

Rogers, a Guyanese who resides in the United States (US), was allowed by the regime to return to the US over the weekend after being released on self-bail and while still being under investigation.

The woman in responding to comments on a social media post said, “It was me Mr Rogers attacked but not slapped me alone he pulled out his gun and hit me in the middle of my head.”

Rogers took to social media on Monday saying on the issue but only to say he would be issuing a statement tomorrow. “I would be issuing a statement tomorrow Tuesday, October 18th as it relates to the video circulating on social media”, Rogers said in a post on Facebook.

No PPP official has spoken on the issue publicly. Over the weekend, head of the PPP administration Irfaan Ali launched a “thousand men” initiative aimed at mitigating violence against women, among other things, but did not address the issue which has gone viral on social media.

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