St. Joseph High School student takes own life, Ministry probing

The student wrote on social media Facebook “I always wondered what my last words were gonna to be”. Shortly afterward in another post, he decided on those final words, “Guess it’s gonna be ilu”. The fourteen-year-old St. Joseph High School student took his own life sometime later over the last weekend.

His parents and family are shattered. The student was found hanging in a room in their house and family members are trying to come to grips with the devastating loss, perplexed and puzzled as to why exactly he took his own life.

There are allegations that he was accused at school of stealing a cell phone recently but the student was adamant that he did not do so. This is according to well-placed sources at the institution. Reports have revealed that the student was the target of suspected bullying at his school.

A classmate wrote on Facebook, “I was a friend… I was also in the class at the time he was beaten up by a form 5 boy from my school and I am so disappointed that the teachers who was suppose to deal with the matter didn’t do anything about it at all.”

The student concludes the post, “R.I.P… YOU WAS A REAL G THE CLASS AN I WILL MISS YOU.” The Ministry of Education also posted on social media that it “is aware of the issue involving a student at St. Joseph’s High School who took his life. The Ministry wishes to inform the public that preliminary information has been received and that a full investigation has been launched into the matter.”

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