The Bascom Allegations | “PPP will go to any length to protect its criminal cabal” -warns Norton   

Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton at his party’s weekly press conference on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, warned that the PPP will go to any length to protect its criminal cabal.

Norton pointed to what he called very “serious allegations” made by police detective Dion Bascom of a high-level police cover-up of the investigation into the murder of Ricardo Fagundes outside of Palm Court in March 2021.  “Detective Bascom’s allegations are, on the face of it, serious enough to warrant an immediate and full-blown investigation,” he said.

The Opposition has since supported the position that such an investigation should be conducted by independent international experts, which should be launched promptly, without the usual game-playing by the government or the police high command, and extend to Detective Bascom the protections and other measures common to whistle-blowing arrangements.

Norton however, expressed pessimism that the Government will act on the side of the rule of law. He does not believe the PPP can muster the political will to allow the Guyana Police Force to function outside of political interference or influence.

Norton predicts that once again it will be manifested to the Guyanese people that the PPP has no moral decency and respect for the rule of law. Additionally, he contends, that people will see that the PPP cannot allow the GPF to follow the evidence wherever it leads them.

“This corrupt cabal cannot allow the law to take its course. They themselves need protection for their illegalities so hands must wash hands, he argued.

The Guyanese people, according to Norton, will recall that George Bacchus was a whistle-blower whose brother was mistakenly killed execution style. “Eventually, the criminal state finally executed George Bacchus in 2004, hours before he was scheduled to give a statement in court.”