APNU+AFC again calls for GECOM Chairman Claudette Singh to resign 

At his weekly press held Tuesday, August 9, 2022, Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton again repeated his call for the GECOM Chairwoman to resign.

According to Norton, the APNU+AFC supports all recommendations which seek to restructure GECOM to protect its neutrality and improve its effectiveness, inclusiveness, and efficiency; the use of biometrics and other technologies; reviewing mechanisms for electoral dispute resolution; and introducing campaign financing laws.

“These and several other recommendations give credence to our repeated demands for GECOM to undertake an operations review process, for there to be timely and comprehensive electoral reforms (undertaken under a multi-stakeholder framework) before any new election, for there to be House-to-House registration leading to a clean voters list, and for the resignation of the Chairman of the GECOM,” said Norton.

Norton reminded the press that it was the PPP that made loud demands in October 2015 – five months after its defeat in the 2015 elections – for “A new voters’ list to be compiled on the basis of a fresh House-to-House enumeration.” The PPP then, in addition, called for the removal of the GECOM Chairman, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

Surujbally would eventually resign as Chairman in November of 2016 following weeks of protest by the PPP calling for his head.

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