“Not my Business” | Doctors turning away sick patience at Enmore Polyclinic -Residents

Residents of Enmore on the East Coast Demerara are fed up with the lack of care and professionalism of some doctors and staff at the Enmore Hospital.

On Friday, Mona Deonarine, a resident of Enmore took to Facebook to share her experience at the institution.  According to Mona, she went to the Enmore Polyclinic on Friday at about three o’clock in the afternoon. She related that she spoke to a nurse at the desk who told her that she is not sure if the doctor will look at her because the doctor finishes work at 4.

In shock, she informed the nurse of the time. However, she decided to sit and wait. “Then at around 3:30 a little boy came in with a fever and she (the nurse) called me and said that the doctor said he can’t see me and I should come back tomorrow or go to Nabaclis Health Center.”

“I tell her I live Enmore, why should I go to Nabaclis? She was like she can’t do anything. Anyways I still sit. At four o’clock now they start to lock up so I get up and go to the doctor myself and ask him if he will look me or not. He said no, he close off at 4. I said, so I have to go home in pain and supposed I dead by tomorrow? Now he say to me that’s not his business.”

Dozens of other residents of the community have since taken to social media to share their experiences at the Hospital. One woman commented, “I went there, the nurses and doctors treat people like garbage when you come from the next village they always send you away. That is how they behave, like the clinic belongs to them and their family.”

Residents are calling on the Ministry of Health to launch an investigation into the operations of the Enmore Polyclinic and for some staff to be transferred.

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