No “One Guyana” for Nabaclis residents; PPP refuses to fix road leading to hospital

Frustrated residents of Nabaclis on the East Coast Demerara are contemplating taking serious protest action to get roads in their community looked after by the Government. This is according to one APNU+AFC Councilor sitting on the Haslington/Grove Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

According to the Council member, a main problem for the community is the deplorable state of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) road which leads to the CC Nicholson Hospital and serves as a main link to the farmlands.

Speaking to Credible Sources yesterday afternoon, the Councilor said that the road has been in a severe state of disrepair for nearly three years and was scheduled for repairs by the Ministry of Local Government this year. However, we were told that a proposal by the NDC to have that road and five other major roads in the area repaired was shelved by the Government.

Additionally, our publication was informed by the NDC that a proposal was submitted to the Government for the urgent repair of six roads in the constituency. However, the Government only chose to repair three.

The Councillor told us he was shocked and confused to learn that the Government has commenced work on roads and streets that are barely used or unoccupied (a pasture used by residents to graze cows). The people of Haslington/Grove are fed up with the lack of attention not being paid to their community.

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