“My darling husband… is no more” -wife of Corentyne accident victim mourns

An accident around 1 am yesterday morning (July 31, 2022) at Kilcoy, Chesney on the Corentyne Coast has left a 39-year-old Alness Village Teacher Sydney Cort dead and his wife, Trishanna, in mourning.

The National Communications Network (NCN) is reporting that one eye witness Sakeena Ally who resides where the accident took place said she and her family were in their beds when they heard a loud explosion and upon checking, saw the fence of their yard ripped apart, a post from their home and the shed where the family’s car was parked, destroyed.

Sydney and Trishanna Cort in happier times

Downstairs they found the mangled car with the teacher inside. He was pulled out by public-spirited citizens who rushed him to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, family and friends of Sir Cort took to social media to express sadness on hearing of his death. A fellow teacher Kevin Nascimento posted, “RIP Sir Sydney Cort. He was and will forever remain as a role model to many students, especially me. Sir Sidney was one of my Primary School Teachers and today, it’s devastating news to hear of his passing. He inspired me to become a teacher, and I’m sure he’s looking down on all of us. Only if RIP meant Return If Possible. Sleep on Sir until we meet again.”

One family member described last night as a nightmare for the family.  A message from Sir Cort’s wife, Trishanna Park- Cort simply reads “My darling husband, my sweet, sweet Sydney Cort is no more”.

Our publication, Credible Sources, is deeply saddened at the passing of another life on our roadways. Our prayers go out to the family and friends of Teacher Sydney Cort, especially his wife Trishanna and daughter. May God grant you peace.

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