Aubrey Norton meets royal African delegation

Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton and a team of party officials meet with a group of royal visitors from Africa who are here in Guyana as part of Emancipation Day 2022 Celebrations.

The People National Congress Reform (PNCR) in a press statement noted that on Friday, July 29, 2022, at Congress Place, Sophia, Leader of the Opposition Aubrey C. Norton and team received a royal delegation from Africa visiting Guyana.

The delegation included His Highness Paul Jones Eganda, HRH King Pape Sande, Her Royal Majesty Queen Cyntia Puna Khumalo Mzilikazi, Her Royal Highness Queen Ameena,  Her Royal Highness Princess Lindiwe Precious Nthibogelang, Her Royal Highness Princess Tshepi Motloung, Mrs. Mpho Dindi and others.

Accompanying the Leader of the Opposition were PNCR Chairman Shurwayne Holder, MP; PNCR General Secretary Geeta Chandan- Edmond, MP; PNCR Vice-Chair Vinceroy Jordan, MP; PNCR Vice-Chair Elizabeth Williams-Niles, Roysdale Forde, MP; Natasha Singh-Lewis, MP; Amanza Walton-Desir, MP, and Kibwe Copland of the GYSM.

The discussions covered a wide range of issues including human rights, reparations, and cultural and educational exchanges between the people of Guyana and Africa.

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