Fetes, Expos and Carnivals, Ali seeks to rescue his installed presidency

On July 13, 2022, Irfaan Ali chaired two meetings after months of leading an installed government in a complete crisis. The installed president demanded updates on the Cricket Carnival and the Building Expo.

These meetings received the highest state attention against the backdrop of a small bag of tennis rolls being on course to cost GY$500 dollars by December and food prices out of control. This is coupled with a 37% decline in sugar production, rice in complete decline, gold, diamond industries facing their worst crisis, and the economy in free fall, and a Bank of Guyana (BoG) report that tells the nation that perilous times are here and the people eking out a basic meal daily.

Ali chose to chair meetings on fetes, carnivals, and expos and this has led observers to conclude that this is where his priorities lie. Further, observers have been forced to interpret why an installed president would opt for fetes, carnivals, and expos while the people starve.

Their conclusions have led them to the possibility of a government in trouble that must distract and deflect. This is made even more plausible by the revelations of the Vice News report which has documented widespread corruption on an industrial scale in Guyana. As a result, some analysts believe that millions will be poured into these events to force the Guyanese to forget about the dire state of affairs.

These observers and analysts are of the view that while the people starve, the International Building Expo will be targeted to save Ali’s legacy which is in the trenches.

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