VP Jagdeo pivots to APNU, SOPs and Norton in corruption allegation defense

In a much-anticipated press conference to clarify allegations made by Vice News against him, Bharrat Jagdeo pivoted to APNU, SOPs and Norton. Looking shaken and mumbling his words, the embattled Vice President tried to explain to reporters that he does not take bribes. He insisted that all the discussions were based on what he can do from the government side on a legitimate casino deal.

In the first press conference since the release of the video, Jagdeo pivoted to the Leader of the Opposition and his signs of guilt following a meeting with the President earlier in the month. Jagdeo noted that Norton remarked that he looked guilty in the Vice News interview. He opined that Norton is the person who looked guilty when he was asked about SOPs by reporters.

As well as that, the VP spoke at length about APNU Ministers and what they did during their tenure. He alluded to the practice of soliciting by the former Ministers and attempted to deflect to the previous government by insisting that they were more corrupt.

Failing to properly address specifics and the substantive issue, the Vice President rambled on about geopolitics and the One China Policy. It was evident that he was attempting to appease Washington by articulating why he denied Taiwan an embassy in Guyana.

In the damning report which aired on the US network Showtime, Vice News documented a sting operation in which the Vice President of Guyana is seen discussing investments with a potential investor at his home in Pradoville 2. His confidante and tenant, Su, indicated to the potential investor that once a bribe is paid, he can have access to the government, and everything will be taken care of by ‘his boss’ who is widely believed to be VP Jagdeo.

Additionally, the VP stated he will not prosecute Su criminally for implicating him in corrupt activities but is currently looking for him to evict him from his house where he is a tenant. Su cannot be found, according to the VP.

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