The AFC solidifies its position as Guyana’s most valuable third force

The Alliance For Change on Saturday, June 11, 2022, successfully held its 7th National Conference after some delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press statement the party thanked the nearly 300 delegates for their participation and congratulate them for electing a dynamic team comprising party stalwarts and youth to take the party forward for the next two years.

Further, the party showed that it remains committed to the process of democracy by being just the second political party in Guyana’s history to have embraced a free, fair and openly transparent elections process to select its leaders.

The party’s leader Khemraj Ramjattan was re-elected to his post for another two years, brushing off a stiff challenge from the party’s former General Secretary David Patterson while Cathy Hughes, former Vice-Chairperson was elected Chairman. Ricky Ramsaroop was elected the new Vice-Chairman. The position of General Secretary is now held by social media personality, host of the popular Facebook show “In The Ring” and Member of Parliament Sherod Duncan.

An agenda item of Saturday’s congress was the question whether the Party should remain in the Coalition with APNU.  A question the Party’s membership answered with a strong yes. According to a statement by the party, the National Conference very importantly examined “The Way forward” for the party and voted overwhelmingly in favour of staying in a political alliance with APNU until the expiration of the Cummingsburg Accord in December 2022 when it will be reviewed.

The APNU in a statement late Saturday congratulated the AFC and its newly elected executives on a successful National Conference. The party applauded the leadership and general membership for their commitment to the coalition and pledged its full support to build a stronger and more united Guyana.

The 7th National Conference of the Alliance For Change saw the party emerging stronger and united with purpose.

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