Mia Motley and an installed clueless President

When Mia Motley received her first plate of steaming hot curry from Guyana’s statehouse, a light bulb went off in her head. The learned stateswoman immediately recognized that she had a Johnny or what is known in the Guyanese vernacular, as a packoo on her hands.

She began to capitalize. The Ali-prepared curry may not have cooled before Motley began to think of what strategic interests she could pursue in the interest of the people of Barbados. As the taxpayers funded chartered planes continued to arrive at the Grantley Adams Airport and the finest China with daily dishes of curry proceeded to Ilaro Court, Mia strategized.

In October 2021, on the sidelines of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Motley skillfully outwitted Ali and procured 10,000 jobs for Bajans through a nebulous hospitality project. As well as that, the vastly experienced political operator was able to secure a Guyana-Barbados food terminal, transport logistics, and a few agro-processing facilities.

Lest we forget, Motley is a former Opposition Leader and once Attorney-General has held several Cabinet portfolios and currently holds three Ministerial positions while serving as Prime Minister. No one carries such a resume without simultaneously amassing inestimable political experience.

When Ali was just a boy scout in Lenora, Motley was already a rising political star in Barbados and the region. She has masterfully convinced Ali that all the proposals are mutually beneficial and that Guyana and Barbados will become one economic space. A pipe dream. All talk. But Ali lacks the geopolitical experience to decipher the moves of a master.

As if the goodies listed above were not enough, Motley came in for the grand final concession. Massive lands from Guyana for Bajan youths. But before she did that, the extremely bright Caribbean icon serenaded the Second Vice President and Ali at the Agro-Investment Forum. She waxed lyrically about the Jagdeo Initiative and stroked and tickled the ego of Guyana’s arch-narcissist.

She knew full well who is really in control and that her plans for the people of Barbados could not succeed if she didn’t pay homage to Guyana’s puppet presidency. Motley is clinical. Who can blame her? She is working for her people. We are just unlucky to have an installed clueless president.

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