78% want AFC to stay in the APNU+AFC Coalition

When the Alliance For Change (AFC) meets for its National Conference this Saturday, June 11, 2022, the party will decide on many issues. One major issue being brought to the table is the question of whether the AFC should leave the coalition or stay.

The question is part of the AFC’s action plan for the next few years. In light of the coming decision, an opinion poll conducted by Credible Sources’ affiliate program “In The Ring” has found that 78% of respondents want the Alliance for Change to remain part of the APNU+AFC Coalition.

12% voted yes to leave and 10% were undecided. The results show that the overwhelming majority would like to see their political leaders work together and make the Coalition work. Teeth and tongue must bite and the APNU+AFC coalition has its share of disagreement.

The Coalition partners continue to clash over local government issues including RDC and NDC leadership structures. The parties have also butt heads over the allocation of government and commission appointments over the years.

However, the overwhelming majority of the public polled clearly wants to see the Coalition address its shortcomings and create a more functional and vibrant political force.

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