AFC’s young MPs mounting challenge for executive offices

When the Alliance For Change (AFC) delegates exit its National Conference this Saturday, June 11, 2022, the leadership of the party might look very different as its young Members of Parliament (MPs) throw their hats into the race for the party’s executive positions. The AFC’s national executive is made up of the party’s Leader, Chairman, General Secretary, Vice-Chair, and 12 National Executive Committee members.

David Patterson and Cathy Hughes have both served as senior party executives for almost a decade. Under their stewardship, the AFC has moved from the era of the PPP’s minority government into the Cummingsburg Accord and is now a vibrant Opposition force. Now energetic young politicians are rising to the challenge and aiming for a place in the AFC executive.

Member of Parliament Juretha Fernandes, who serves as the leader of the AFC’s Youth Arm, Youths For Change (YFC), and the APNU+AFC Coalition’s Shadow Minister of Finance in the National Assembly is in the running for the positions of Chairperson, General Secretary and Vice-Chair. MP Fernandes, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, is co-host of Credible Source’s affiliate morning show ‘FYI’ (For your Information) Fernandes also served as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors for the Guyana Chronicle.

Member of Parliament Sherod Duncan, who currently serves as the Chairman of the AFC’s Georgetown chapter, will be running for Chairman, General Secretary, and Vice-Chair. MP Duncan, who holds a Degree in Law and a Diploma in Communications, served as Deputy Mayor of Georgetown from 2016 to 2019. In his younger days, Duncan was also elected President of the University of Guyana’s Students’ Society. MP Duncan is best known as the host of Credible Source’s very popular affiliate evening program “In The Ring”.

Member of Parliament Deonarine (Ricky) Ramsaroop, who served as Chairman for the East Coast chapter of the AFC and an AFC NEC member, will be running for the positions of General Secretary and Vice-Chair. MP Ramsaroop holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Masters of Science in Forest Biology and a Masters in Business Administration degree. MP Ramsaroop also served as Assistant Commissioner of Forestry and as a member of the Forestry Board. MP Ramsaroop currently serves as a council member on the Private Sector Commission.

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