Embattled Jagdeo/Ali Regime retreats from Capital for Independence Celebrations

In its 56 years of existence as an independent nation, Guyana has always celebrated its status in the capital city. As per the practice of every country on the planet, the administrative center is symbolic and that automatically qualifies as the place for significant national events.

In recognizing the importance of all regions, successive governments have held mini celebrations in the different regions, while the main event was held in the capital city. However, on August 2, 2020, Guyana experienced its first installed regime that does not represent the will of the people.

As a consequence, independence celebrations in the capital under the illegitimate regime have been lacklustre and of no interest to the citizens. The independence celebrations of May 2021 at the Umana Yana were virtually boycotted by citizens who seem to be seething from the dashing of their will at the last elections.

Sources who are close to the happenings at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, have reported the concerns by senior members of the Jagdeo/ Ali regime about the poor optics at last year’s celebration. Those sources are also telling our publication that given the disaffection in the country and the economic devastation with inflation at a record high, the Jagdeo/Ali regime did not want to be exposed to the embarrassment.

As a consequence, the decision was taken to retreat from the capital city to a safer political zone where a celebration can be easily engineered. With the event stationed at Damon Square, a stone’s throw away from the PPP’s party office in Region 2, it is believed that the government can best guarantee good optics.

According to a release from DPI, the event will commence at 23:00 hrs. on Wednesday, May 25th, and the Golden Arrowhead will be hoisted at midnight. Guyana became independent on 26 May 1966 and joined the Commonwealth in May 1966. On 23 February 1970, Guyana has proclaimed a Cooperative Republic within the Commonwealth with a president elected by the National Assembly.

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