“Unbelievable”, APNU+AFC MP Jordan describes GWI CEO boast of firing 300 staff

At its weekly press conference on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, APNU+AFC called out the GWI CEO for “witch-hunting” of staff perceived to be aligned to the APNU+AFC.

Member of Parliament Vinceroy Jordan in addressing the press said that it is “unbelievable” to even imagine that the head of a government agency had the nerve to sit at a press conference and boastfully speak of the dismissal of over 300 staff members.

At a press conference last week, the CEO of GWI declared that the dismissal of some 322 employees will save the company some GY $240 million. A statement MP Jordan called “hogwash” and “unbelievable.”

Jordan reminded that under the coalition government water service to Guyanese drastically improved with the very 300 plus staff members.  He further reminded that residents received a quality level of service which included 24hrs water supply service and many communities received potable water for the first time.

Hence, GWI’s actions could only be seen as acts of victimization, discrimination, and incompetence, he said.

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