The ABC-EU countries confirm our worst fears

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the heads of mission of the US, UK, Canada and the European have issued a statement. To any objective mind, a cursory glance at the statement would reveal a hidden warning about the Jagdeo/Ali regime.

This is not a mere frolic into a generic World Press Day statement. There is much more. This publication hereby draws the attention to a key paragraph of the statement which bears the ominous cautioning:

Press attention to accountability has never been more important in Guyana with a historically large revenue stream entering government coffers and a regularly stated intent to use those resources for a development agenda that cuts across all regions and areas’.  

The above is a classic attempt to conceal an inauspicious warning in diplomatic language. Needless to say, it was a poor attempt. The heads of mission of these western powers have access to intelligence that we don’t have.

On the evidence of this statement, they are seeing trouble on the horizon and felt a need to go on record to warn the people of Guyana. It is clear: the west has long concluded that the Jagdeo/Ali regime is a kleptocracy that is out of control.

The ABC-EU countries know something. They have issued an early dark clarion call. Early warnings about diabolical regimes are nothing new. History is replete with examples. This statement has just entered into the record, another such case. We are in serious peril.

Fernando Ponz- Cantó, Sarah Ann Lynch, Mark Berman and Jane Miller are playing smart geopolitics. They have essentially set the stage to say, at a later stage, ‘We warned you”.