Full-time work for teachers attending UG; No more work release required

The Bachelor’s in Education program offered by the University of Guyana is now offering its classes in the evening. This is good news for some teachers, who would otherwise have had to wait years for one of the 4 spaces per school to be available for them to receive a work release. However, this still leaves some questions to be answered.

Firstly, are teachers now expected to teach full time while reading for a Degree in Education? The Degree in Education, being a very demanding program, is currently a full-time program at UG. With teaching being an infamously demanding profession, the end of work releases for studying would make teachers’ attempts to earn a degree much more difficult. More so for young mothers, a demographic which dominates the teaching profession.

Then there is the question of what happens with teachers who are currently reading for a degree in Mathematics, English, and other academic fields outside of the Degree in Education. Will these teachers still be eligible for the work release that needs to make their full-time studies possible? Or will teachers now be forced out of all fields of study that do not offer an evening program?

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