What is discussed when two embattled leaders meet?

Irfaan Ali met with the UK Prime Minister in London on the margins of the UK Guyana Investment Forum. What do these two leaders have in common?

They are both in trouble with their electorates. Johnson is barely holding on to his political life and facing sanctions for his role in organizing parties during the lockdown in the UK.

Johnson is barely surviving due to the fallout of Party Gate. The Tories are not too certain about his survivability. On Friday evening, No 10 was forced to deny Johnson had received another fixed penalty notice (FPN) for a “bring your own booze” Downing Street garden party on 20 May 2020.

Senior members of the Conservative Party are still debating whether Johnson should be the Prime Ministerial candidate for the UK elections. The embattled leader is facing a serious leadership contest.

Here, the recent IRI poll has revealed that the Jagdeo/Ali regime is widely viewed by Guyanese as illegitimate. The sampling of the mood of the population by the American NGO has signaled that after two years of being installed in office, the Jagdeo/Ai regime is extremely unpopular.

The poll has essentially rendered an advanced electoral verdict, the prospects are not good. It is on the heels of this poll, Ali traveled to the UK. Like Johnson, Ali is an embattled leader.

Therefore, this publication begs the question: what is discussed when two embattled leaders meet? One foreign policy expert informed this publication that in such circumstances, it is all about a good photo op.

Both leaders would want their images splashed across the colorful screens of social media and the newspaper pages to enhance their images and shake off some trouble.

However, there is little Johnson can get from Ali, he is no Zelensky. There is much to gain for Ali. He would hope that the images of him meeting a global leader would change the opinions expressed in the IRI poll.

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