Norton sets out constitutional, parliamentary agenda

Aubrey Norton taking the oath as an MP

Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton yesterday outlined in broad terms how his constitutional responsibilities to the nation are envisaged, and his ideas on building an effective and people-oriented National Assembly.  These ideas he stated will be discussed among the various parties in the coalition.

In setting out a three-step approach to achieving constitutional compliance, PNCR Leader said he stands ready to fulfill his responsibilities where the Guyana constitution dictates that the government must seek the agreement of or have meaningful consultations with the Leader of the Opposition. He warned that further delays and excuses by the government in making judicial and other appointments can also be described for what they are: acts of bad faith and political machination.

Norton posited that any meeting with the President must extend beyond the appointment of commissioners and judges. He wants to see the Opposition’s concerns about good governance and the abuse of political power, including the discrimination against opposition-led local councils, the uneven and incomplete distribution of flood and other relief, the unsatisfactory oversight of the nation’s patrimony in the Natural Resource Fund (NRF), and the abuses of human and legal rights by some rogue police ranks to be placed on the table.

The third stage, according to Norton, will see the APNU+AFC Coalition presenting itself to the nation as a superior alternative to the current PPP regime in managing the affairs of the country. In this regard, the APNU+AFC Coalition will work to ensure that the Opposition not only opposes but proposes solutions and a vision for every aspect of national life in Guyana.

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