No billboards for Secretary Blinken

Secretary Antony Blinken did not remove a democratically elected government. He did not install an illegitimate regime. He did not deny the will of the Guyanese people. There is no secret deal with the Jagdeo/Ali regime. Hence, there will be no large billboard with the Secretary’s face emblazoned from end to end. He might get a mala but no billboard at Rahaman Park.

Pompeo got that. It was he who performed the dastardly act of throwing a diabolical regime on the Guyanese people. Pompeo is responsible for ignoring the mountains of evidence of fraud in the last elections. It was Mike who disregarded our court system. So Mike got his grand welcome. No such thing for Secretary Blinken.

When the American people committed the Trump administration to the dustbins of history in their November elections, a new regime took control. The Biden administration immediately sought to restore the dignity of the US foreign policy. No more transactional deals at Pradoville 2. No more chances for Freedom House to sell their souls for two pieces of silver at the expense of the Guyanese people.

Blinken made it clear from the jump that the US State Department is returning to the days of professional foreign policy. No more visits to foreign nations and only meeting with the government in secret. No more ignoring human rights matters. No more ignoring corruption based on convenience. This approach began to manifest in the reports emerging from the State Department. It is not sitting well with the Jagdeo/Ali regime. They have been at the wrong end of numerous State Department reports. So, don’t expect a billboard in the middle of GT for Secretary Blinken whenever he comes.

Added to this, the hurt will continue to rest with Bharrat Jagdeo. This publication has been reliably informed that the installed VP was livid when the Biden administration used its vote on the IDB Board to veto a loan for Guyana Shore Base Inc. in March. In keeping with its climate change policy, the Biden administration created a few waves of panic at Shiv Chanderpaul Drive and Palm Court. Jagdeo remains extremely upset. So when Robert Persaud enters his office to ask if he must make contact with Impressions for a grand billboard to be erected with the face of Secretary Blinken, Credible Sources submits that there will be an emphatic no!!!

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