Linden Utility board replaced by IMC; Bartica boat body next

The Linden Utility Services Cooperative’s governing body was replaced yesterday, April 6, 2022, by an Interim Management Committee (IMC) after the Ministry of Labour’s Chief Co-operatives Development Officer (CDDO) Debbie Persaud met with the Utility Services on April 5, 2022, and concluded they were “unable to manage the affairs” of the entity, in a letter sent that same day.

With lightning speed, Linden Utility Services was informed in the same missive that an Interim Management Committee (IMC) had been installed and the incumbent should “hand over all necessary documents” to the IMC. From the brief contents of the letter, it is not clear what constituted “unable to manage”, if an investigation was launched; or if the body was given a chance to adequately respond, and thereafter found in breach.

Linden Utility Services Cooperatives workers sit in to protest the IMC

The reason that precipitated the IMC was conveyed in a release from the Ministry of Labour as news of the unfolding saga circulated on social media. The Ministry’s statement said, “The CCDO, in her opinion and based on complaints made to the Cooperative Department felt that the Linden Utility Cooperative Society Limited was mismanaged by the committee of management”. “Against this backdropped, and under regulation 56(2) of the Cooperative Societies Act, Chapter 88:01. The Chief Cooperative Development Officer Acting, appointed an Interim Management Committee comprised of seven persons with effect from April 2022 to manage the above-mentioned society,” according to the Ministry.

IMC’s in the post-2015 dispensation of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration had become a regular feature of its governance as a system of direct and complete control against democratically elected bodies, or appointed entities in keeping with acceptable norms and practices. In Bartica recently the Belle brother, known PPP supporters, Stephen and Clarance, were voted out of the Speedboat Owners Association. There is every expectation that to keep them in control and PPP’s influence in the mining community strong an IMC will replace the recently democratically elected body.

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