Female police officer dragged out compound by colleagues

A female Police Officer was today dragged out of a compound by her colleagues including male ranks. The exact place where the incident took place was not immediately known by it is opposite the Happy Hearts Nursery School, Campbellville.

In the video shared on social media by Member of Parliament (MP) Vinceroy Jordan there is a commotion, and a female voice can be heard saying, “Get her out”.

In his Facebook post, MP Jordan stated, “This is the most despicable and distasteful act that a fellow rank can endure at the hands of her colleagues. Permit me to say nothing that she might have done warrants such a treatment to be meted out to her.”

In another portion of the video, the female police officer who was put out of the premises could be heard saying, “Ah want meh money on the counter”. It is not yet known what was responsible for the incident.

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