Tragedy averted at #63 Beach; vehicles dodged being swept out to sea

There was chaos at #63 Beach, Corentyne Berbice, yesterday March 20, 2022, as thousands gathered for a  post Phagwah Celebration and ‘wash down’. The mainly family oriented event was a huge success up until around 16:30 hrs. when the waves started rushing in at frightening speeds.  The #63 Beach is said to be the Caribbean’s longest stretch of beach and is located in the vicinity of Corriverton, at the mouth of the Corentyne River.

It is believed that given the informal nature of the event, no attention was paid to the time and tide so as to notify persons, especially drivers, to move their vehicles from close to the foreshore before a certain time. Consequently, hundreds of cars got caught in a long traffic jam rushing to get off the beach as the water level started to rise underneath vehicles. According to sources, one canter truck which was seen in a video stuck in the sand as the waves rolled, made it out safely.

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