New Silvercity Secondary School student skull fractured by schoolmate

A student of the New Silvercity Secondary School in Linden, is now hospitalized with a fractured skull following a vicious beating by a gang of students of the said school. The injured 16 year old is presently a patient at the Linden Hospital Complex.

In an effort to bring the public’s attention to the matter, the boy’s mother, Fiona Lewis, in a message posted to Melly Mel Facebook page said the perpetrator and her son had an altercation on Thursday March, 17, 2022 and a fight broke out. However, a teacher intervened and managed to settle the matter, but his dissatisfied classmate who was being teased at the time as having lost the fight, was not happy.

The mother related that her son left school and went to a nearby shop, after school had ended at 14:00 Thursday afternoon. It was while my son was at the shop the perpetrator dealt him the near fatal  blow to his head, using a piece of 4×4 wood while being reportedly hyped by his “gang.” Two weeks ago we also reported on another school violence story: “I’m not dying, no hero”- Teacher tells Mother of Stabbed School boy.

In that article we reported a fighting incident at the Golden Grove East Coast Demerara Secondary School, in which another 16 year old male student was stabbed to his lower back by a fellow student. That child’s mother Onama Montrose had told us that on the day in question her 14 year old son confided in his older brother (the 16 year old) that he was being bullied at school and that when he complained to the teacher he was not getting any redress.

She added that her 16 year old son then took the initiative to go to the school to enquire why his brother was being bullied and why the school had not taken any disciplinary action against the perpetrator. However, on their way to the school they met the teacher on the road since school was already dismissed at that time. Onama told our affiliate ‘Below De Belt’ podcast that her 16 year old told her that he asked the teacher about the incident and what the school is doing to address same. She said that the teacher then told her son that the incident is being addressed by the School’s Head.

It was sometime during that conversation between the two brothers and the male teacher that the ‘school’s bully’ passed and shoved the 14 year old on his shoulder, prompting the 16 year old brother to react by chucking the perpetrator. It was at that point a group of about no less than 10 boys rushed the 16 year old and started kicking, Cuffing and stabbing him about the body. All this, according to the mother, took place in front of the Teacher who did nothing.

The mother expressed shock over the fact that at a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting the next day the teacher told her that he didn’t get involved because, “I don’t want no one to tell my family I died as a hero.” The distraught mother vowed to ensure that she gets Justice for her son who she said doesn’t get in trouble with people and is a very quiet child. Also in that same article we reported the story of Joel DaSilva, aka ‘Busta’ a irate father of a 16-year-old student of the said School who was stabbed by a fellow student with a pair of scissors.

This recent incident in Linden adds to a long list of violent altercations in Guyana’s School system ever since the post pandemic school reopening started. Sadly, both the police and the Ministry of Education remain mum on this scourge which is eating away at the moral fabric of our children.

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