PPP powerless as street crimes spirals

Street crimes in Georgetown continue to rise and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) seem overwhelmed and unable to remedy the situation. This publication, in a recent interview with a street vendor who plies her trade on Regent Street, was told that she has witnessed a number of brazen, daylight robberies. The vendor, who requested not to be named, said that in the majority of cases the robbers approach their victims on bicycles or motorcycles, she added that more often than not, weapons such as cutlasses and knives were used to threaten victims as their valuables were taken.

In a recent Facebook post by former Mayor of Linden Carwyn Holland, he wrote, “I was driving on Mandella avenue . . .when I saw [a] man Toolsie being robbed. Two young men rode up across the road on a white motorcycle just as Toolsie disembarked a bus and crossed the road to make his way to work. No one came to his assistance. I noticed this whilst driving and steered my vehicle to get closer to help him. I sounded the horn and shouted at the robber who only managed to take away his phone. I tried to reverse behind [the robber] as he ran towards south, but traffic won’t allow. I drove to Toolsie, picked him up and we drove down south in search of the criminal. We eventually left it alone and I dropped Toolsie off at work. I was so upset at what happened to this young man, a recently married father of one. He could have lost his life for his own belongings.”

On March 14, 2022 the US Embassy in Georgetown issued the following advisory,”The city of Georgetown is rated “critical” for crime. Incidents of robberies, sexual assault, vehicle accidents and homicides have occurred, particularly in high-risk areas after dark. U.S. mission personnel may not independently visit Stabroek Market. Furthermore, Mission personnel have been advised to use extreme caution when visiting Bourda Market during the day and may not independently visit Bourda Market at night.” This reporter has very recent first-hand experience with this scourge. While walking along the pavement on Lamaha Street last Sunday, yours truly was accosted by three men on bicycles, fortunately, this writer managed to escape into a nearby yard. Nothing was stolen.

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