Berbice hit by more protests; Hire Car Operators want more money 

As the inflation rate continues to skyrocket as a result of the PPP regime’s disastrous economic management, citizens are forced to take the streets in frustration.

This morning Hire Car Drivers plying the Corriverton to New Amsterdam route staged a massive protest on the Skeldon Public Road demanding a 40% increase in transportation fares. Others are demanding as much as 100% increase from $100 to $200. The drivers are citing the astronomical increases in the price for fuel and food items.

Only last week we reported that sugar workers of the Blairmont Sugar Estate took to the streets in protest for outstanding wages and benefits unpaid by GuySuCo, as the PPP regime continues to focus on sugar production rather than diversification into the Oil and Gas industry.

Our publication reported recently how rising cost of living in Guyana has forced the rural agriculture based economy of Black Bush Polder to protest the cutting of the price for paddy by millers. Millers had cut back on the price paid per tonne of rice from $70,000 to $65,000 in light of rising costs for fuel to run their factories among other issues associated with the cost of commodities in the marketplace.

It was APNU+AFC Shadow Finance Minister Juretha Fernandes during the Budget 2022 debates who predicted that by the end of 2022 the inflation rate would increase by 11%. “When this budgetary period ends, the PPP would have presided over a total inflation rate of over 11 percent in just two and a half years,” the MP stated.

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