Guyanese picket Russian Embassy

Concerned Guyanese, on March 4 picketed the Russian Embassy in Georgetown protesting Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Braving blistering heat, the group of protesters – which grew larger as word of the picket spread on social media – displayed placarding with various slogans calling for an end to the Russian President’s aggression against the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

The protest included citizens from all walks of life; APNU+AFC Member of Parliament Sherod Duncan – a politician known for his forthright advocacy of various causes -was among those protesting Putin’s actions even as the sun rose higher in the sky and the day grew hotter. Reactions to the protest which was featured on social media were overwhelmingly supportive.

Sherod Duncan

Guyanese, both at home and in the diaspora, commented positively, congratulating and thanking the picketers. The picketing exercise comes at the beginning of the second week of Putin’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Russian forces continue to advance.

However, international intelligence sources say that the Russian leader is becoming increasingly angry because the Ukrainians have mounted a strong and determined wall of resistance to the invading Russian Army.

In Ukraine, civilians have taken up arms to resist the Russian attack. Adding to Putin’s frustrations is the fact that numerous territories including the entire twenty-seven country European Union, the United States, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Turkey, Poland, and even the traditionally-neutral Switzerland have placed a strangling array of sanctions against Russia. The sanctions range from the de facto expulsion of Russia from the global banking system to the banning of Russia’s domestic cats from international competitions. Russia is now all but totally isolated.