Paul Slowe ‘blasts’ the GPF PR Department over “insensitive” press release

Former Chairman of the Police Service Commission and Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Slowe on Monday last strongly condemned a press statement by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) on an allegation of rape committed on a sixteen year old girl.

The press release issued by the Guyana Police on Monday February 21, 2022 stated, “Police in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) are currently investigating a report of an alleged rape committed on a 16-year-old female student”. Slowe blasted the statement as “unbelievably insensitive”. Hs is questioning why the release mentioned the Region, the age of the victim and the fact that she is a student. “What value did that add to the release?”, Slowe asked.

Further, the former Chairman wants to know if it would not have been better just to say that the police are investigating a report of rape without including the details. In the press release the police provided enough details that can lead to the victim being easily identified. “I guess that is what happens when you have inexperienced, insensitive and incompetent people responsible for press releases,” Slowe explained.

The press release brings back memories of the’ Tonika Calder Case’. Tonika Calder took her life on November 11, 2021, four days after she said she was raped by a taxi driver known to her family. Her death also came hours after she was interrogated by investigators at Cove and John Police Station, who forced her to detail her sex life in front of the alleged rapist and her mother.

Known for his tough stance against corruption and unprofessionalism while serving in uniform, Slowe wants to know what happened to the investigation into the conduct of the ranks who investigated the allegation of rape made by Tonika Calder. On that issue, Slowe said, “It would appear that no learning is taking place.”

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