Who is “Su”?

In an interview, conducted by world-renowned reporter Isobel Yeung of the international news agency VICE News, installed Vice President Jagdeo was accused of taking bribes of up to $500,000 (implied to be USD) allegedly for favoring certain international contractors over others.

These allegations originated from discussions Yeung claims her team had with a man she described as, “a Chinese businessman involved in logging”. The reporter then proceeded to directly ask the PPP leader, “What is your relationship with Mr. Su Zhi Rong?”. Su is accused of being a middle man who connects investors and large companies to Mr. Jagdeo for the purpose of conducting corrupt transactions of bribery.

In the interview Jagdeo called Mr. Su a “friend” and a “tenant”. So, who is “Su”? Though he has yet to confirm or deny any of the allegations publicly, the description matches local logger and owner of the large Chinese logging company Rong-An Inc. Mr. Su Zhi Rong who has long been reported on in the local media. Mr. Su’s Rong-An Inc. has also been seen to work closely with the partially state owned Chinese logging company Bai-Shan-Lin, with many photos of senior staff of both companies together.

In 2013 he founded the energy/gas company China Zhonghao Inc. This company sought to set up a fuel terminal at Land of Canaan named “Falls”. On the “About” page of the company’s website they claim, “Our total investment is US $ 50 Million”. China Zhonghao Inc was granted a license to export fuel by the then Prime Minister Mr. Sam Hinds. This license would be revoked by the APNU+AFC administration in 2016.

Su also controls the real-estate development company Hi Tech Construction Inc. The company was looking to develop east bank lands during the Ramotar Administration.

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