Guyana’s motto diminished, PPP’s “One Guyana” tag dominates new currency

The note is red. Chairman of the Bank of Guyana Dr. Gobind Ganga has announced that the Bank of Guyana (BoG) will soon put into circulation a new $2000 banknote. According to Dr. Ganga the Bank of Guyana is aiming to have the new banknote in circulation within a few weeks, with hope that it will be available in time for the 2022 Republic Day celebrations. “We are going to do it within three weeks. We are really targeting Mashramani time,” said Dr. Ganga

Though the Bank of Guyana is aiming at a Republic Day target for putting the note into circulation, the note is clearly marked with symbolism commemorating Guyana’s 55th Independence Anniversary. As such the note is decorated with “55th” in several places. This is in keeping with a precedence set by the BoG when it issued the $50 note commemorating Guyana’s then 50th Independence Anniversary.

Most notable is the primary feature of the banknote, which shows the images of 6 children and the logo of the Ali regime’s One Guyana initiative. This would make the first time the BoG would be placing a policy initiative of the sitting government at the center of a newly issued note. This is likely to set a precedent where government programs take center stage on Guyana’s bank notes.

This new bank note comes just months after the BoG released the widely unpopular $100 coin to great public anger. This will be the 7th bank note to go into circulation with the public hoping for a smooth introduction following the debacle of the $100 coin.

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