The AFC refutes Jagdeo’s statement, wants income tax threshold minimum 

In a press release, the Alliance For Change (AFC) has forcefully expressed its position that the income tax threshold must be set at a minimum of $100,000, while strongly rejecting Jagdeo’s claim that Guyanese are better off today than they were under the Coalition.

The AFC release, captioned, “Jagdeo Living in La-La Land,” methodically refuted and dismantled Jagdeo’s claim, asserting instead that Jagdeo is out of touch with the reality of poor working Guyanese. The AFC pointed out that Jagdeo is aware that during the Coalition’s short tenure the minimum wage was raised from $39,540 to $70,000, representing the largest increase for minimum-wage earners.

The AFC reminded that the Ali/Jagdeo regime gave a paltry 7 per cent increase to public servants, and that 7 per cent was taxable. The PPP had promised a 50 per cent increase during the election campaign. The AFC underscored that the PPP has failed to take any action to offset the increasing cost of both local and imported products.

The increasing costs, the AFC said, has been the reality since the PPP took office. Jagdeo should be focused on the fact that ordinary Guyanese are forced to join long lines to obtain a small amount of foodstuff, said the release from the Coalition partner. However, instead, said the AFC, Guyanese will be forced to put up with hours of long-winded rhetoric when the Finance Minister presents the 2022 National Budget.

Guyana, being an oil-producing country that is projected to produce some 340,000 barrels per day, having the income-tax threshold at $100,000 is the minimum that should be expected. Such a threshold, said the AFC, would go a long way towards easing the burden on Guyanese by putting more disposable income into their pockets.

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