Orin Boston’s ‘Right to Life’ was taken by the state – Attorney Nigel Hughes

The murder of Dartmouth, Essequibo businessman Orin Boston by Sherwin Peters a member of the SWAT Unit of the Guyana Police Force continues to draw protest action and condemnation from Guyanese and other observers.

Last evening on social media program ‘Politics 101’ hosted by Dr. David Hinds, the Attorney for the family of Orin Boston, Nigel Hughes, painted a graphic picture of how Boston was murdered in his home – in his bed, sleeping next to his wife. Boston was shot once to his chest with an “AR rifle,” according to Hughes. The Attorney further confirms that the SWAT team failed to identify themselves before and after entering the home and bedroom of Orin Boston.

It was revealed by the Attorney that Orin Boston “urinated the sheets” on being shot by Peters. His wife “in shock, feeling a warm substance on her leg and thinking she would be shot next,” said in fear to the officers “I could go…?” Minutes later Orin Boston was dragged off his bed, through his house, down the steps and into the yard where he was allegedly left to “bleed-out” in the concrete. He was only taken to the Suddie Hospital approximately one hour later in the back of a police pickup. Boston was pronounced dead by Doctors some time later.

Considered one of the best legal minds in Guyana, Hughes argued that Orin Boston was a “good citizen” with no criminal record, and had his life taken from him by the state in the most brutal manner imaginable. The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mrs. Shalimar Ali- Hack S.C. last week instituted manslaughter charges against Sherwin Peters, the SWAT officer responsible for killing Boston. This triggered fresh protest by “angry and frustrated” residents of Dartmouth Tuesday morning.

The family through their lawyer, Nigel Hughes, has since written to the DPP urging her to revise the charge from manslaughter to murder. Peters was placed on $1 million bail by the Magistrate and the matter transferred to the Anna Regina Magistrates’ Court.

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