Region 9 boy dies from snake bite after hospital runs out of medication

McLeno Markus Martindale

A six year old boy of Tiger Pond Primary School, in Region Nine is now dead after being bitten by a poisonous snake while on his way home from the family farm with his grandmother on Friday January 14, 2022, around 17:30.

In a telephone conversation with our publication, a relative of the young boy who resides in Brazil, related that, “McLeno Honorio  was first rushed to the Karasabai Hospital on Friday and was then transferred to Lethem Hospital on Saturday.” His condition became worse on Sunday as he started complaining that he, “can’t breathe properly”.

The relative said, “That was when the Doctors at Lethem hospital decided to transfer young McLeno to Georgetown on Sunday.”  Sadly, he died in the Ambulance on his way to the airstrip according to a relative who resides in Lethem.

Another relative reported that, “They had to wait 7 hours for a plane to take him out to Lethem since the three hospitals in the South Rupununi were unable to treat him. The child was bitten at around 3:00PM the Friday and died around 10:48PM Sunday, at Lethem Regional Hospital.”

The family is calling for a full investigation into the death of their young son. They are claiming that none of the hospitals were equipped with the proper medication and oxygen to save the life of young Honorio. The Ministry of Health is yet to comment on this tragedy in the Hinterland.

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