Health crisis in the Hinterland – Minister Anthony remains mum

Another death is being reported in the Hinterland. This time at Mabaruma Regional #1. While information surrounding the death remains sketchy, we are being told through a Facebook post by former Member of Parliament (MP)Mervyn Williams that the dead person is from Khan’s Hill Mabaruma.

Williams stated in his post that: “Someone from Khan’s Hill in Mabaruma died at the Mabaruma Regional Hospital. The relatives built a coffin and requested assistance (transportation) from the Community Council.” Unfortunately, “None was forthcoming” according to Williams.

The “relatives had to travel on a garbage truck with the coffin to the hospital to claim their deceased loved one.” Williams, a former Member of Parliament under the APNU+AFC Government was at pains to point out that, “the community was the recipient of a minibus which was presented by Mr. Sydney Allicock, while he was Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs.”

He is calling on the Ministers of Amerindian Affairs, Local Government and Regional Development; and Public Health without delay to launch an investigation into what is happening to our Indigenous citizens in Mabaruma.

(In our feature image the family prepares to fetch the remains of their departed loved one from the hospital to Khan’s Hill, a journey of several miles.)

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